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No-Show Policy
In order to protect our clinic resources and dental professionals’ time to provide timely care to our patients, a non-refundable penalty of $25 will be imposed on patients who do not turn up for their appointments.

Why is there a No-Show Policy?
The purpose of this policy is to encourage all patients to only book for slots for which they are available, avoiding wastage of slots that could otherwise be used meaningfully by other patients.

What constitutes a no-show?
– When you fail to turn up for a session that you booked on, without cancelling the slot before the session began.
– When you cancel your appointment less than 24 hours before your scheduled appointment time.

Appointment Deposit

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An authorisation hold of $50 will be placed on your card at time of booking, and will be automatically released after 7 working days. This amount has not been charged. However, should there be a no-show, Advanced Dental reserves the rights to capture the charge as per our No-Show Policy.
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