Redefine dental with us
    Be part of a team that makes going to the dentist an experience that patients actually look forward to.

    Why join us?

    Be part of one of the fastest growing dental practices in Singapore, with the following benefits:

    • A vibrant and dynamic workforce culture and environment
    • Individual performance bonuses and variable incentives
    • Career progression and advancement opportunities for employees who are capable and interested
    • Immediate vacancies for accepted candidates 

    Continual education


    Through in-house sharing sessions, we have created a platform for our dentists to meet and share their knowledge and experiences.  We also make sure that our dentists have the opportunity to upgrade themselves by sending them for various clinical courses locally and overseas to further hone their skills.  

    Strong support network


    Our team includes full-fledged specialists who provide support for complex cases. This means that we get a full range of cases at our clinics, with many opportunities to learn and broaden your horizons. 

    Robust management team


    If you are tired of juggling the business side of your practice with your original passion - dentistry, we are here to help. We let our dentists be dentists. Our management team takes care of every aspect of the day-to-day management of your practice, from operations, human resources, finance, marketing to general administrative duties. 

    We have big dreams for our group, and these dreams are centred around people. From our patients to our staff, we want to create a place where everyone we work with is excited to be.
    Redefining dental
    Our patients shouldn’t dread coming to the dentist. We want to make each person’s visit to our clinics a delight through cultivating an environment that is both comforting and welcoming.
    Partnering patients
    We believe that forming strong relationships with our patients is the foundation for helping them to achieve the smile they desire. That’s why we take the time to listen to all their concerns.
    Inspiring growth
    Our staff are given many opportunities to learn and develop their skills through external training opportunities and through the sharing of knowledge and experiences within the group.
    Building family
    While gaining access to a pool of shared knowledge, you will also get to build relationships and forge new friendships. Working together, we can give our patients the best of our combined strengths.
    Job Opportunities
    Customer Experience