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Endo referrals to Dr Charmaine She

Dear Doctors, please go through the checklist here before referring. It could help save the patient a wasted trip and prevent wastage of endo appointments (most appointments are over an hour!) Thank you for your understanding!

Referral checklist

1. Tooth is restorable

– Remove caries to assess and place a temporary filling (IRM, GIC or Cavit). You can charge for assessment of restorability and/or temporary dressing

– If the tooth has a crown with secondary caries, please disassemble the crown, remove caries, and place a temporary dressing/crown. You can charge for removal of crown, assessment of restorability, and temporary dressing/crown

2. Patient has received a consultation on root canal treatment and understands the cost

– Insurance is not accepted, except for AIA (IHP is not accepted). For AIA insured, our specialist rates will apply and the patient will have to self-pay the difference after deducting the amount covered by AIA

3. X-rays are uploaded into Plato

How to make a referral

  1. Fill up the form below
  2. Write the form recommendation into the patient’s Tx Notes (e.g. nv refer to Dr CMS for RCT 90min)
  3. The clinic receptionist will book the patient with the endodontist at CEN accordingly