Aesthetic Dentistry

    Your smile is the best way to brighten someone’s day.

    With the help of our dentists, you can achieve a beautiful smile that you can’t help but share with the world.

    Children's Dentistry

    We believe that children should be able to have a relaxed and enjoyable experience during dental visits which leads to a positive impact on their oral health journey for the rest of their lives. 


    Crowns and Bridges

    Missing teeth should be replaced as soon as possible to avoid movement of adjacent teeth and to restore the ability to speak and chew properly.

    Restore the health and function of your tooth and your smile in with us today. 

    Dental Implants

    Looking for a permanent solution to replacing missing teeth? Look no further.

    Our dental implant services can help restore your smile.


    Has chewing become painful? Tooth loss can affect your quality of life.

    We offer numerous restorative options including full or partial dentures, and implant supported dentures. Find out more about the various options to restore your smile. 

    General Dental Treatment

    It’s no secret that regular dental checkups go a long way in keeping your teeth and gums in tip-top shape.

    So come down to your nearest Advanced Dental clinic for a comprehensive check-up today.

    Geriatric Dentistry

    Providing specialised and holistic dental care for the elderly involving diagnosis, prevention, management and treatment of problems associated with age related diseases.

    Gum Treatment And Surgery

    Treating gum disease at an early stage can reverse the symptoms of gingivitis and prevent the infection from worsening. 

    Orthodontic Treatment

    Say goodbye to misaligned teeth, and hello to a stunning, straight smile.

    We offer a range of orthodontic treatments to suit your needs and preferences.

    Other Dental Services

    Check out our other dental services here.

    If you can’t find the service you are looking for, do give us a call to find out how we can help you.

    Root Canal Treatment

    The inside of a tooth contains a nerve known as the pulp, that can get inflamed or infected. 

    If you experience severe pain when chewing or biting, you may need a root canal treatment. 

    Wisdom Tooth Surgery

    Wisdom teeth can be a huge pain. Under the care and expertise of our dental surgeons, you won’t have to worry about this bothersome tooth any longer.

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