Teeth Whitening Treatments in Singapore

    Whitening involves using bleaching agents that enter the tooth to break up and remove stains that can’t be eliminated through regular brushing.

    How might teeth whitening help you?

    Due to lifestyle choices and wear and tear over time, teeth may become discoloured and yellowish. Staining and discolouration of teeth can happen to anyone but can be worsened by smoking, poor dental hygiene, and frequent consumption of highly pigmented food and drinks such as coffee, curry, and red wine.

    Whitening your teeth removes stains and greatly improves the colour of your teeth. Routine scaling and polishing is good for removing surface tartar and stains, but teeth whitening will lighten the internal shade of your teeth, making your smile sparkle that much brighter. 

    Why should I see a dentist for teeth whitening?

    Many spas and beauty salons now offer their own teeth whitening services. It is even possible to buy home-whitening kits online without consulting a dentist. So why should you still see your dentist for whitening treatment?

    The reason is that only dentists are authorised to use true whitening agents that can whiten your teeth effectively.

    Hydrogen Peroxide is the main ingredient in the whitening gel that produces the whitening effect. Only teeth whitening dentists in Singapore are permitted by the Health Sciences Authority (HSA) to use products containing more than 0.1% hydrogen peroxide.

    Most products offered at beauty salons claim to be able to whiten your teeth without the use of hydrogen peroxide. However, without this ingredient, they will only be able to lighten them temporarily.

    Online products containing high concentrations of hydrogen peroxide are not well regulated and could be harmful to the user. A dentist must prescribe products with a concentration of hydrogen peroxide above 0.1%, and concentrations greater than 6% can only be used under the supervision of a dentist.

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    Flexible payment plans of up to 24 months are available.

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    Chairside Whitening


    Take-Home Whitening


    Includes 1 set of customised trays and 4 tubes of whitening gel

    Refill Gels

    (set of 4)

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