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    Do you feel self-conscious about discoloured or worn-down teeth? Veneers may be the solution to getting your confident smile back.



    How can veneers help you?

    Veneers are thin shells of ceramic or resin which are bonded to the surface of one’s teeth to cover up defects on the surface of your tooth. 

    If you’re bothered by minor imperfections of the shape and colour of your teeth, come to any of our dental clinics across Singapore to find out which type of veneers are suitable for you! 

    Here are some ways veneers can help you

    Enhancing the shape of worn-out front teeth or malformed teeth 

    Correct the colour of front teeth that cannot be remedied by whitening treatment.

    Refining minor irregularities in the positioning of the front teeth


    Flexible payment plans of up to 24 months are available.

    For more information on our flexible payment plans, please click here.

    Porcelain Veneers
    $900 - $1,300
    (per tooth)
    Composite Veneers
    $150 - $450
    (per tooth)

    All prices quoted are before GST. 7% GST is payable at selected clinics and will be added to the charges.

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