Having missing teeth can make eating and speaking difficult and can even make you feel less confident. 

    Dentures are one of the simplest and most affordable ways we can help you get your beautiful smile back.

    What are dentures?

    Dentures are removable appliances that usually consist of artificial teeth connected to a pink plastic base.

    What are they made of?


    Pink plastic material that blends in with your gums for a natural look. For an affordable and functional denture that still looks pleasant, acrylic is the material to choose.

    Cobalt Chromium

    This type of denture will still feature pink acrylic on the side that is visible when you smile. However, the back of the denture will be made of a thin piece of metal which makes it more comfortable and durable.

    Flexible Dentures

    As the name suggests, this new material can flex and bend to fit your mouth as you eat, speak and move. Instead of traditional metal hooks, these dentures feature aesthetic hooks that blend in seamlessly with your gums for a natural-looking smile!

    Pain Free Dentistry

    For many, dental procedures have always been associated with pain. Pain is one of the main reasons why many patients avoid going to the dentist. At Advanced Dental, our dental experts are equipped to provide a pain-free experience with various anaesthetic options. 

    • Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas)
      Nitrous oxide is administered through a custom nosepiece to produce a calming effect, reducing fear and anxiety, enabling patients to better tolerate injections or other potentially uncomfortable procedures. The effects wear off almost instantly once the procedure is done.
    • Local Anaesthesia 
      Local anaesthetic is administered via an injectable to impart a numbing effect that lasts for up to 60 minutes. It is injected into the part of the mouth that requires treatment. Patients won't experience any sedation or altered consciousness from local anaesthesia.
    • IV Sedation
      For procedures longer or more complicated procedures, IV (Intra-venous) sedation is used to induce a state of deeper relaxation. It is carried out by a certified anaesthetist who will monitor the patient throughout the duration of the procedure. 
    • General Anaesthesia 
      General anaesthesia is administered via an IV drip and it affects the entire body and produces a state of unconsciousness. This is used for lengthy, extensive oral surgeries that might cause more pain than local anaesthesia can address.


    Flexible payment plans of up to 24 months are available.

    For more information on our flexible payment plans, please click here.

    Partial Dentures

    $225 - $950
    (per jaw)

    Full Denture

    $600 - $900
    (per jaw)

    Implant Retained/Supported Dentures

    $4,600 - $7,000
    (per jaw)

    Up to $4100 can be claimed from Medisave for the insertion of implants, subject to claim limits.

    Final quoted price is inclusive of teeth and base material type.

    Further subsidies for CHAS/MG/PG cardholders apply.

    All prices quoted are before GST. 7% GST is payable at selected clinics and will be added to the charges.

    Prosthodontics Specialist Services

    Dentures not only improves the appearance of a smile, it also helps you to eat and speak comfortably. Denture treatment can be carried out by one of our general dentists. However, if you require a combination of denture and implants or have resorbed gums, we would recommend that you get treated with our prosthodontist (specialist).

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